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Is Blackberry About To Announce a Smart Watch?
March 28, 2015
by Newspaper Digest at Newsrip
UPDATE: Blackberry reported earnings for Qrtr 4 ending February 28, yesterday. They suprised on earnings, but revenues were down.
JP Morgan last week poured ice water on hopes for a hot 4th quarter for Blackberry even though the report only covers the first couple of weeks of the 1st quarter of the year ending 2016. The 4th quarter 2015 ended February 28. Traders have been watching Blackberry (nasdaq:BBRY) closely. BBRY closed at about $9.30 on Thursday. 'Turn around stocks', as Peter Lynch famously labeled them in his book, One Up On Wall Street, attract speculation and emotion, even on Wall Street, where trading on emotion is shunned, but where even some traders get excited about an underdog trying to get back on its feet. The potential rewards for investing in a turn around stock are great. Back in the 1990's another company named after a fruit was a brand on it's way out. Any one who invested in Apple before it began designing and building ipads and iphones has done very well.
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The Soul Of Hopper:
"Here I am, a Hopper subject, alone in a hotel room. Near a window. A common Hopper set up."
"Here I am working, looking out a window while you look, through a window, at me. Am I longing for something more than just an end to my shift?"
"Once again, here I am, isolated, gazing inward while the theater audience watches their film. Hopper paintings can appear blue and gloomy. Am I contented, you wonder? Am I sad?"
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Massage and Politics:
The next night, back in their bed again the former president thought about an episode of House of Cards he had watched earlier in the week. Had things been that nasty when Hillary and he were in Washington? Could he live in that fish bowl again?..."

If Hillary was up for it he decided, dozing off, so was he. And he'd help carry her, same way she carried him back in the day.
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Introducing TVomic, a patent pending internet platform that is internet protocol friendly enabling online comics to include great web features like video, text elements, Google searchability, imbedded feeds and automated language translation. With a tap and a swipe TVomic turns messages and web pages into fast, dynamic comics whether messaging, posting to social, or publishing a comic strip or graphic novel. We're beta testing TVomic news segments and parody while we fine tune this new application. To get more info email TVomic .
A Celebrity Horse:
"Mr. Ed, back in the 1960's, was instrumental in cracking the dreaded glass ceiling for horse actors. I live in a small mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I get vocal coaching there three times a week. Yes. The rumors are true. Dicki got me a singing gig."
"Below is another picture of Hannah Davis, the gal who rides me for DirectTV. No matter how famous you get never forget the people who helped you along the way. Or rode you along the way. Ok now I'm being a jerk..."

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