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Twitter's Vanishing Users
June 15, 2015
Facebook is far better than Twitter at building community because most of its users register at the site with their real name, which has been key to Facebook building a 'village'. Twitter hasn't created that same trust and probably can't without change; possibly fundamental change. ...
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by Newsrip.com Report Staff

Another Blackberry Rumor
June 5, 2015
by Newspaper Digest at Newsrip.com

A week or two ago a rumor Apple is buying Blackberry made the rounds in response to speculative mention of same at Zacks, which gave a temporary lift to BBRY stock. Acquiring Blackberry's large patent trove was speculated by some as a probable reason for Apple's alleged interest in the company. Trading volume in BBRY and in other tech stocks has been off recently, following jolting drops in TWTR and YHOO; TWTR, for fundamental reasons and a big earnings miss; YHOO (briefly) for questions about taxation on its Alibaba sale later this year. ...
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The Americans
Rating: 4(out of 5)
May, 2015
by Newsrip Reviews Contributor

In The Americans which just completed a third season on FX, a husband and wife spy team live with their two kids in suburban America in the 1970's during the Cold War. The parents are an activated Russian sleeper cell engaged in covert spy activity, much of it brutal and cold blooded. They do all the things you'de expect spies to do in order to collect information, commit sabotage, and carry out assassinations, including having sexual relationships with people outside their marriage in order to recruit and infiltrate organizations such as the FBI.
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Is Blackberry About To Announce a Smart Watch?
March 28, 2015
by Newspaper Digest at Newsrip
JP Morgan last week poured ice water on hopes for a hot 4th quarter for Blackberry even though the report only covers the first couple of weeks of the 1st quarter of the year ending 2016.
In the glare of the turn around spotlight, is Blackberry about to announce a watch?
In 2014 Blackberry acquired Secusmart, a German internet security firm. Blackberry obtained about 27 new patents in 2014. A report in January that Samsung was buying Blackberry launched the stock to $12.50 for a couple of hours. The rumor coincided, almost to the minute, with the stock ... Full Article

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Newsrip Reviews TVs serial spy thriller: The Americans on FX.
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Will Twitter Buy Yahoo?
January, 2015
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HP Sprout PC:
Game Changer?

November, 2014
The protruding projector on Hewlett Packard's Sprout PC is exciting for a number of reasons. PC sales (remember them?) were the only revenue segment that grew in Hewlett Packard's third quarter. HP reported earnings on November 25. CEO Meg Whitman said the company, which is splitting into two companies in 2015, will benefit from a predictable cycle of existing PC replacements in 2015-2016. PC industry watchers have been predicting flat or slowly declining PC sales worldwide, indefinitely, for sometime. The company touted its Sprout PC as well. ... So far, reviewers are impressed, though they've experienced a few fixable bugs. The unit comes with several apps and that number will grow. The projection technology seems a game changer and heralds in an array of future possibilities not just for PCs but for mobile devices and smart watches. ... Full Article..

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