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Can Twitter
Grow Overseas?
November, 2015
Where have all the 'Twitter Revolutions' gone, such as Turkey's protest two and a half years ago, or the upheaval in Moscow? What about Arab Spring? When's the last time an isolated call for help over Twitter from a young expat in a jamb overseas went viral and essentially rescued him in front of a world stage? Years ago recurrent world conflicts put a spotlight on Twitter, raising its visibility in much the same way the film The Social Network raised Facebook's visibility in its pre-ipo days; the film depicted Facebook's founders as rock stars of a sort and gave them Silicon Valley 'cred'.
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Twitter Is Falling
November, 2015
Twitter (symbol:TWTR) is down early today on heavy volume. With the Dow down 200+ alot of stocks are down, but TWTR breached its 50 day moving average of about $27.50 and was $26 and change eariler. Reports that Mark Cuban, the billionaire who stars on TV's Shark Tank, revealed over the weekend in an interview that he recently sold the last of his TWTR stock, may or may not be fueling the selling.
Twitter's user growth may not just be flat in 2015. It may be down, overall. Depending on what statistics you use.
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Soccer 101

"Soccer is the world's most popular sport."
"Some wonder if we need new soccer rules to promote higher scoring games, like the designated hitter rule did for baseball."

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The Contender:

"Is this a comic strip campaign Mr. Trump?!"
"That's not a very nicely put question."

"Elections seem a little contrived once the superpacs go to town."

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The Americans:

"This is much harder than I thought it would be."

"Didn't the Center warn you we might have to engage in kinky sex with strange people?"

"I'm talking about parenting, Phillip."

"I got this, Phillip. It's your turn to get the kids."

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