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Will Twitter Buy Yahoo?
Will Twitter Be Bought?

January, 2015

Due mostly to statements January 6 by former interim Yahoo CEO, Ross Levinsohn, claiming Twitter should buy Yahoo, and why it would be a good marriage, speculation about a Twitter and Yahoo union has grown recently, . Newsrip speculated about this possibility back in August, 2014 in a Special Report. At the time, we considered Yahoo buying Twitter a more likely scenario, especially if Twitter's stock price and capitalization did not appreciate to the $50 or $60 range, a range some analysts have been airing for awhile. Either way, by whatever name, a union might resemble a merger more than a sale, with Twitter paying stock and some cash for what's left of Yahoo, absent it's lucrative Alibaba stake.
One area Twitter with Yahoo might be mutually beneficial is in search, especially news search. A few days ago, Statcounter, a web usage analytics firm, said Yahoo's share of internet search rose from 8.6 percent in November to 10.4 percent in December.
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HP Sprout PC:
Game Changer?

November, 2014

The protruding projector on Hewlett Packard's Sprout PC is exciting for a number of reasons. PC sales (remember them?) were the only revenue segment that grew in Hewlett Packard's third quarter. HP reported earnings on November 25. CEO Meg Whitman said the company, which is splitting into two companies in 2015, will benefit from a predictable cycle of existing PC replacements in 2015-2016. PC industry watchers have been predicting flat or slowly declining PC sales worldwide, indefinitely, for sometime. The company touted its Sprout PC as well. ... So far, reviewers are impressed, though they've experienced a few fixable bugs. The unit comes with several apps and that number will grow. The projection technology seems a game changer and heralds in an array of future possibilities not just for PCs but for mobile devices and smart watches. ... Full Article..

Bill Cosby's Accusers Grow
This time press coverage follows.

November, 2014

Traditional news media and legacy newspapers failed Bill Cosby's accusers a decade ago and there may only be hollow vindication for them now, catching up with him at age 77 when he is old and tired. As a performer, however, Bill Cosby is still active and his almost heroic patriarchal persona was on the verge of resurrection in an upcoming NBC sitcom when he was sucked up in the media storm he's in now. There's power in numbers and in pattern and his accusers and their accounts of what they say he did to them have both. Then there's this: 'Spanish Fly', a mysterious concoction Cosby discusses in comic routines and in an interview in the past is slang for rape drug, according to unofficial sources we've unearthed.
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Alibaba Website Traffic Down, But...
September, 2014
Website traffic to recently dipped heading into Alibaba's IPO tomorrow, after rising in July, August, and early September, according to Full Article..

Newsrip Special Report:
I Want My Smart TV
Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo
The race for video gold.
August, 2014

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Is Ronaldo Really Injured?
June, 2014
World Cup, Brazil

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U.S. Home Market Heats Up
May, 2014
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A Manhunt on Twitter
April, 2014
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Independent Classifieds
March, 2014
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Hackers for Hire
March, 2014
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