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I Want My Smart TV
August, 2014

Newsrip Special Report:
Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo
The race for video gold.

A new television channel aired in the 1980s that was unlike anything ever seen. It consisted of short music videos interspersed with video ads. It was called MTV and it changed TV. Smart TV, the melding together of traditional TV and the internet, is about to do the same. If you believe the internet and your TV screen will be one soon, controlled by voice or gesture recognition or some fancy remote or phone app, you can be sure Twitter and Facebook want to be there when it does. Facebook is aimed there already and has a head start given its beginnings on a personal computer platform where it still has a significant, profitable presence. Twitter's there too, with Amplify, but only as an adjunct. Twitter's Vine app is essentially video-messaging, not large screen, long video. Nevertheless, both Facebook and Twitter are focused on video along with the rest of the universe, and in July Facebook launched a video-sharing format that resembles Google's YouTube. YouTube, the social video king, is a powerful content player now. Yesterday Google announced the acquisition of Directr, a video app that enables small businesses to produce video easily and cheaply so they can take advantage of YouTube video advertising and social viral spread. So you have Facebook going large screen; YouTube going small screen; and Twitter going small screen too, but looking to go large screen probably.
Twitter showed the world it's still a player in social, announcing surprisingly good earnings two weeks ago. Twitter's CEO Costello touted growth in its advertising business and in monthly-average-users worldwide. Some reporters focused on the relevance of user growth during the World Cup, questioning when anything as tweet-provoking would come along again and whether users who signed up during the World Cup would keep using the service much. Throughout Twitter's history though, major events, from sporting events to revolutions, have catapulted Twitter's popularity. Its been a bit of a wait for this phenomenon, more central to Twitter's DNA than Facebook's, to transpire on such a scale. Tweeting-activity-per user ('refreshes') dipped slightly in Quarter 2. It was the only obvious blemish. TWTR nay sayers voiced concern about it, though. Full Article..

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