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Trump and Guatemala Spring
September 11, 2015
A microcosm of the US presidential race is unfolding in Guatemala where a comic actor, Jimmy Morales, has won the initial round in the country's presidential election. He faced a large field of opponents. To actually become president he faces a vote October 25 against the other top vote getters. Just days ago Guatemalans went to the polls and voted against a tarnished political establishment by voting for Morales, who's never been in office. Similar to Donald Trump who, for almost a decade, graced reality TV as head of a financial empire in TV's The Apprentice, Morales is best known for playing a cowboy who inadvertently becomes president. A Chauncey Gardener role, essentially. ...
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Twitter's New CEO
September 4, 2015
Has 'social' peaked?
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The Contender:

"You've said some pretty radical stuff. 'Women are killers'? What did you mean?"
"Maybe I was talking about you. You've tried to kill me in your newscast a few times. "Aren't 'figures of speech' allowed?"

"Usually, killers are guys."
The Americans:

"This is much harder than I thought it would be."

"Didn't the Center warn you we might have to engage in kinky sex with strange people?"

"I'm talking about parenting, Phillip."

"I got this, Phillip. It's your turn to get the kids."

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Massage and Politics:

The following night the former president thought about a movie he had seen. Things get nasty on the election trail; akin to a Mad Max battle out on Fury Road. The race to Washington would take its toll. And yet, this might be Hillary's time...

If Hillary was up for it he decided, dozing off, so was he. And he'd help carry her, same way she carried him back in the day.

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