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Blackberry's Priv: Is it Selling?
December 19, 2015
Blackberry's stock experienced periodic, short term lifts early in 2015 on account of buy-out rumors, the rumored acquirers being Apple, at one point, and Samsung. Whether the rumors were sincere, or launched by manipulative traders, never was clear. These faded quickly whereupon the stock would become range-bound. Or trend down. But Blackberry's war chest of patents received greater visibility in the process and, subsequently, additional consideration later in the year due to patent-induced licensing deals, which presently account for an unknown portion of Blackberry's revs. Its anybody's guess what Blackberry's large patent portfolio is worth. Still, it may have given BBRY stock something of a floor.
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Smart Watch Bands Go Mainstream
December 5, 2015
Which smart watch makers will be the first to take advantage of this valuable watch device real estate, and to what degree, remains to be seen.
Just days ago a patent application by Apple for a watch display screen that is 'woven' into a watch wrist band was reported. At a glance it seems a narrow application though, for a certain type of watch band display. Other watch 'smart bands' are already in stores.
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Soccer 101

"Soccer is the world's most popular sport."
"Some wonder if we need new soccer rules to promote higher scoring games, like the designated hitter rule did for baseball."

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The Contender:

"Is this a comic strip campaign Mr. Trump?!"
"That's not a very nicely put question."

"I'm set to be first woman Prez. It should be me getting major press, not Trump!"
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The Americans:

"This is much harder than I thought it would be."

"Didn't the Center warn you we might have to engage in kinky sex with strange people?"

"I'm talking about parenting, Phillip."

"I got this, Phillip. It's your turn to get the kids."

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