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Twitter Scrambles
August 10, 2015
Twitter inadvertently revealed what will be magic about Project Lightening, the curated news adaptation Twitter is working on. The aggregated news segments will likely be called 'Moments' and contain an array of tweets and content, such as Periscope video clips; a way for Twitter users that are logged into Twitter (or not) to efficiently digest trending news stories, and a way for Twitter to better frame its content for advertisers. ...
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by Report Staff

Twitter's Vanishing Users
June 15, 2015
Facebook is far better than Twitter at building community because most of its users register at the site with their real name, which has been key to Facebook building a 'village'. Twitter hasn't created that same trust and probably can't without change; possibly fundamental change. ...
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by Report Staff

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The Contender
"Mr. Trump, you've never held political office! What are we going to do about you?"
"Which is a good thing, right? Not being a Washington politician is a good thing?"

"If you had been president in 2003, how would you have dealt with Saddam Hussein?"
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The Americans:
"This is much harder than I thought it would be."

"Didnt the Center warn you we might have to engage in kinky sex with strange people?"

"I'm talking about parenting, Phillip."

"I got this, Phillip. It's your turn to get the kids."

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Newsrip Parodies are inspired by real news reports, but may contain fictional dialogue and stories. For more info on this patent pending platform email Newsrip.
Coming soon: The Newsrip App.
Massage and Politics:
The following night the former president thought about a movie he had seen. Things get nasty on the election trail; akin to a Mad Max battle out on Fury Road. The race to Washington would take its toll. And yet, this might be Hillary's time...

If Hillary was up for it he decided, dozing off, so was he. And he'd help carry her, same way she carried him back in the day.

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